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Student (and Parent) Testimonials

"My daughter, Leah, began lessons with Cindy when she was a fifth grader. She attended a session at the Prime School of Music which allowed her to meet teachers and explore different instruments and ultimately choose one that interested her. Leah chose the oboe. At the time, it was less a decision based on a love of the instrument, and more a decision based on a gut feeling that working with Cindy would be a great experience. This turned out to be precisely the case. Cindy is a kind, warm and supportive teacher. She is open to allowing students to push themselves as much or as little as they wish, recognizing that they have other commitments, both academic and extracurricular. Cindy’s expertise and her passion for music make her students motivated, strong performers who love the oboe and its uniqueness."

"For three years (or four?) Cindy was my incredible oboe teacher. Her passion for teaching made me love the instrument and classical music. She also made amazing reeds specifically for me, which outshone any others out there. I highly recommend her!" - Amber, 22 

"Long ago, in my 5th grade years I was a lost soul among my band class. Every friends picked up a trumpet or clarinet or a drum, but for me they all felt empty. Then one day, the light shined through the clouds and in my hand was a magnificent oboe crafted by the gods (it was plastic, but hey I'm all a fifth grader). Naturally, I was a Mozart of the oboe; crowds clapped and cheered at my very feet. (Thanks mom) Eventually, dreams end and I was left with an oboe and very little skill and I knew in my heart of hearts that I would need a guide to pursue my musical career. Behold, the amazingly awesome Cindy Behmer (applause). Cindy was a great teacher, an inspirational oboe player, and a wonderful friends (awwwww). With Cindy, my skill with the oboe exponentially increased and I was on my way to fame and fortune. Unfortunately, this is the oboe so it was onward to middle school band and then high school band. (Don't worry I knew I was going place) Cindy taught me everything I know about the oboe (which is a fair bit) and knows me quite well as a person. She is patient (that you for putting up with me and sorry for the hundreds of practices I missed) and kind (she gives me Christmas presents every year ... we're talking chocolate here people, quality gifts). Cindy is also an grand master level reed artisan. (She makes oboe reeds custom fit just for me, WOW!!!) She has given me great advice with my music, oboe, and with life that I will never forget. (oboists always have a solo) The best part thought in all my 7 years with her ... she made me a pie for our last recital. We aren't talking apple pie or some other sissy pie. We are talking BANOFFEE PIE. Probably have never heard of it, I didn't till I wiki'd it, but Cindy through and through made it for me. IT WAS AMAZING. So that's the kind of like you can look forward to having Cindy as a teacher: fame, fortune, pride, and a little pie.” - David 

"My son Eli studied oboe with teacher Dr.Cindy Behmer for 5 years. Cindy has many wonderful qualities that truly make her a great oboe teacher. She is very kind and excellent with teens. She knows just how much to push a student so he/ she progresses but doesn't feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Her musical and teaching abilities are top notch. I loved it that they played duets and that Cindy gave students the opportunity to perform twice a year. It helped ease students into performing by playing duets with her onstage. My son has stage fright so this really worked for him. Cindy's reed making is impeccable. Her reeds are the only reeds I have ever bought that Eli did not complain about. Eli's new oboe teacher knows Cindy and has played with her and he told me,"Cindy is a perfectionist when it comes to reed making". I certainly am realizing that in retrospect. Cindy genuinely cares that her students play well and provides all the support she can for that. She can really pinpoint problems and give them pieces and exercises that will help them improve. I would come in towards the end of a lesson and really enjoy listening to Cindy work with Eli. His progress on such a difficult instrument was truly inspired by her. We were so sad when she left Tucson! I strongly recommend Dr. Cindy Behmer as an outstanding oboe teacher." - Carol, student mom 

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